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The total population of McKinley County is 74,789 with almost 75% American Indian. The per capita income is $11,716, while the median income is $21,681. 34.7% of total residents live below the poverty level, whereas 45.4% of children under the age of 18 live below poverty. Red Rock State Park, Blue water Lake State Park, the town of Gallup, the Zuni Pueblo, and part of the Navajo Indian Reservation are within the county. The Zuni Pueblo is the largest of New Mexico's 19 pueblos, and consists of over 450,000 acres of grazing land and 6,000 acres of crop and forestland.

Mailing Address:
2418 E Hwy 66, PMB 470
Gallup, NM 87301

Physical Address:
5002 W. Historic Hwy 66

Toll Free: 866-863-3432
Phone: 505-863-3432
Fax: 505-722-5279
Email: mckinley@nmsu.edu
URL: http://mckinleyextension.nmsu.edu

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