Home Economics

Nutrition, Food Preparation and Diabetes Education

McKinley County Extension Service is committed to providing education programs that support the well-being of its people while helping the communities thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Diabetes Education

  • Kitchen Creations: - A Cooking School for People with Diabetes and Their families.

Hands-on activities help diabetics build skills to make appropriate choices to reduce simple sugars, empty calories and maintain their diabetes at healthy levels. See calendar of events upcoming school registration and schedule information.

  • Teen Kitchen Creations - The Healthy Snack Series for Teen

The program was created to support, encourage and promote healthy snacks. The curriculum includes 4 sessions, snack preparation, various hands-on activities, education materials and the Healthy Snack Recipe Book. Grades 6-8

  • Youth Staying Healthy - Type 2 Diabetes Program

The curriculum's tailors to the needs of adolescents with type 2 diabetes ages 13-18, Curriculum covers 15 topics, and 4 part DVD teaching series. For more information contact the McKinley County Cooperative Extension Services.

Other Programs

Cooking for ONE! - Cooking for one person could be tricky, but with the right steps anyone can be successful and change any recipe to accommodate one person.

High Altitude Baking - the challenges of high altitude baking can wreak havoc to all your baked goods if the correct adjustments are not made. There are three adjustments that can be made to perfect your recipe: decrease leavening agents, increase liquid, or decrease sugar

Herbs and Spices Instead of Salt? - Changing the way one prepares meals without salt and fat is easier , healthier and takes no more prep time than usual.

Food Preservation - Gardening is a growing practice and so is preserving the bounty. Canning favorite vegetables and fruits during the harvest season that can be enjoyed by family and friends throughout the year are an economical way to preserve and available throughout the year.